At, we provide Pollination Services to enhance your crop and orchard yields. We also help you start your own bee hives with the proper equipment and bees you'll need.


Bee Charmer - Enhanced

Covering all of North Central Texas, we come to you to provide Pollination Services for your groves or crops. We can also help you with your own hives and provide all the equipment to help you get started as a beekeeper. Our family business, The Bee Charmer, provides everything needed in dealing with our friend the honey bee. We are State Licensed and Board Certified.

Service Enhancements :

Services Beyond the Removal of Unwanted Bee Hives

Our Apiary Services :

  • Become a Bee Keeper

    Starter Hives

    We sell the hives and resettled bees to grow your hive to the size you want.

  • Apiary Services

    Queen bees and Honey.

    Unhappy queen bees can cause your entire hive to migrate. Our hives are ideal for relocated queen bees

  • Pollination Services

    The more hives the better

    With stategically placed hives, we greatly enhance the pollination of your field or orchard

  • Necessary Equipment

    Honey Bees Sting.

    Don't get hurt while enjoying your bee hives. We have suits and other equipment essential for bee-keeping

18+ Years of Service to North Central Texas

Honey Bees are our friends

About BeeCharmer :

Our company is located in Wise County, 10 miles northwest of Azle, Texas. Our family has been beekeepers for many years. We remove and relocate honeybee colonies as a business. Yes, this is a business and at times a very painful one! So if a honeybee hive or a swarm is found, it is best to leave them alone and to call a professional, such as Bee Charmer.

Bee Charmer recognizes that honeybees are very important to our environment. This small creature unknowingly develops honey and pollen for consumption, makes wax from its glands for candles and beauty supplies, propolis and venom for medicinal purposes as well as pollinates all flowers, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Since we have this small present from God we need to choose pesticides that do not harm our environment and exercise care not to destroy the honeybees natural home.

Statements of Fact :

If a hive is poisoned rather than removed, the honey will melt and robber bees from other beehives will come and carry the poisoned honey to their hives which in turn will poison their own colony.

A Very Bad Idea, Don't do it

One out of three bites of food we eat is from the pollination of honeybees. Over ninety varieties of vegetables and fruits are pollinated from honeybees and the honeybee is the only insect that gives delicious and nutritional honey to us.

Honey Bees are Essential for Life

Typical Pricing for Pollination Services :

$200 3 hives / 3 days Plus Delivery Cost
$400 3 hives / week Plus Delivery Cost
$1200 3 hives / month Plus Delivery Cost
$2400 3 hives / 2 months Plus Delivery Cost
Pricing is based on the easiest possible setup and breakdown. Other obsticles and issues will effect the price.


We at BeeCharmer will help you setup your own hive and give neccessary instruction to care for it properly and safely. Honey bees sting and multiple stings can be very dangerous, even deadly. We are not responsible for injuries caused by the bees we sell or rent for pollenation. A disturbed hive can be dangerous to you, your neighbors, livestock, and pets.

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